Global Theological Initiative

White Horse Inn began Global Theological Initiative (GTI) in 2015. GTI is designed to enable and facilitate new forums of biblically faithful, top-quality theological conversation amongst theologically-minded leaders from varying countries, denominations, generations, cultures and institutions. It is a concept developed in conversation amongst theologians from around the world in order to address various “felt-needs”of the global church and is consistent with the 30 years of experience that White Horse Inn has facilitating theological conversations.  

GTI participants are leading Evangelical and Protestant theological scholars and practitioners who have been trained (at the doctoral level) and tasked to lead the growing and maturing global church by ministering in churches, training the next generation of ministry leaders, writing curriculum and resources, leading institutions, and speaking into culture. GTI provides an environment where meaningful biblical and theological inquiry, sharpening, and discussion, as well as relationship building, can happen across cultural, generational, institutional, and denominational lines. GTI events feature lively presentations and discussions on topics essential to the global church. 

Since 2015, the GTI team has ourselves been enriched by many valuable insights from these global thinkers. WHI now plans to expand GTI into new areas of the world. We also plan to share insights from global thinkers and leaders with the church around the world, in new ways and on a new scale. As GTI moves to expand into additional regions of the world, WHI aims to further facilitate global theological conversations featuring the world’s leading, emerging, most trustworthy, and interesting voices. 


GTI Conferences are coordinated annually together between the White Horse Inn (USA) and local partner organizations. The colloquium includes lectures, discussion, and relationship building amongst a collection of theologians from within the region, as well as with WHI scholars.