Mark A. Green

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Mark A. Green is President and Chief Executive Officer of White Horse Inc home to its namesake the White Horse Inn radio show and podcast, Modern Reformation magazine, the Campaign for Core Christianity, and the Global Theological Initiative.

Mr. Green holds a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., an MBA from the University of South Carolina Graduate School, a Master of Middle East Studies at American University in Cairo, Egypt, a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from the University of California, and a B.S. from Michigan State University. Mr. Green previously served as an overseas executive managing various international operations at ExxonMobil Corporation.

Mr. Green is an ordained Minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and serves as a member of the Foreign Missions Board Committee of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and is Chairman of the Delhi Bible Institute International Advisory Board in New Delhi, India. He is married to Lucy and is the father of four children and resides outside of Washington, D.C.