Broken Covenant: Signs of a Shattered Communion

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The history of the Presbyterian Church between 1926 and 2006 reveals a pattern. In the courtroom, it is called “the preponderance of evidence.” That pattern discloses an ongoing accommodation to the world – the bartering and brokering of a precious gift from the Lord, the church’s moral authority. “Broken Covenant: Signs of a Shattered Communion” traces the squandering of that moral authority by the Presbyterian Church (USA). The documentation that is cited in this book invites an inevitable conclusion. The denomination has abandoned its constitutive commitment to Christian faith and ethics, thereby forfeiting its claim to be called the Church of Jesus Christ. No rational observer disputes the fact that the Presbyterian Church (USA) is dying. What remains at issue is the question, “Why?” By what alchemy did a denomination’s passion for influencing American culture result in its irrelevance? How did Presbyterians who sought to renew their church accelerate its approaching demise? Blending archival evidence with the onsite observations of a churchman, theologian and journalist, Parker T. Williamson offers answers to these questions. “Broken Covenant” is not a book for wishful thinkers. It is a documentary narrative for those whose engagement with the future values the lessons of history.


WHI-0886 – Broken Covenant