Christ in the Old Testament: Promised, Patterened, and Present


Few subjects are as important, yet ignored or misapplied, as the one addressed in this book. Jesus Christ is the absolute center and focus of the totality of God’s word. Many people confess this belief, since Jesus himself taught it (Luke 24:27; John 5:39). Christians have done well to see this on one or two levels. Yet, truly understanding just how primary he is as an actor—even in the Old Testament—is something few have considered. In this revised and expanded edition of From the Shadows to the Savior (2015), Douglas Van Dorn helps us see the light of Christ that emerges from the dark hallways of Scriptures that so many find outdated, unintelligible, and irrelevant for today’s Church. Learn how Christ is found in such things as prophecy, typology, and the law. Then, come in for a deeper study of how the Person himself is actually present, walking, speaking, and acting, beginning in the very first book of the Bible. Learn how words such as “Word,” “Name,” “Glory,” and “Wisdom” are all ideas that the Scripture itself attaches to Christ who in the OT is called The Angel of the LORD. Then see if such ideas don’t radically change the way you think about all of God’s word in this truly life-changing summary of Christ in the Old Testament. This edition contains three new chapters (Christ the Power, Christ the Face, and Christ the Shepherd), has been reworked to make sections even clearer, contains new resources, and study questions. It is the perfect book for a study guide on Christ in the Old Testament.


 WHI-1566 – The Angel of the Lord