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Greg Koukl’s PragerU Video on Tolerance Now Available


Shane Rosenthal

Release date:

March 16, 2020

Earlier this month on the White Horse Inn, Greg Koukl mentioned that he was getting ready to shoot a PragerU video on the subject of the intolerance of modern conceptions of tolerance. Well, that video has recently been released (click here to watch).

In light of this release, for a limited time we’ve made the extended edition of our recent interview with Greg accessible to everyone:

Walking in Wisdom Toward Outsiders
WHI-1508  •  In today’s hyper-partisan and media-saturated culture, we’re not trained to be good listeners. In fact, when it comes to discussing our religious or political convictions with others, too often we’re encouraged to throw bombs at the other side, or to present caricatures of other people’s views. But in Colossians chapter 4, Paul instructs us to be wise in the way we deal with outsiders, and that our speech should “always be gracious.” On this program, Shane Rosenthal discusses this with Greg Koukl, author of Tactics, which was just released in a newly expanded 10th anniversary edition (originally released on March 1, 2020).