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Passion Week & Easter Episodes Unlocked All Month


Shane Rosenthal

Release date:

April 1, 2020

Have you ever had the experience of seeing something around your house from a totally different perspective? Sometimes all it takes for me is an announcement from my wife that her folks are coming over for dinner. Suddenly things materialize right before my eyes — like all the books I’ve got lying around, or the floor that needs sweeping, or the clutter that’s strewn across the kitchen counter.

Just as we sometimes fail to see the mess and clutter that is literally staring us in the face, so too we can also fail to see the depth and beauty of certain portions of Scripture because those passages are all too familiar to us. And this can certainly be the case when it comes to the Bible’s account of Christ’s death and resurrection. Because we’re so familiar with this story, we often fail to see so many of the important details that help us to grasp the depth and significance of it all. 

Because most of our churches are closed due to the coronavirus, we decided to unlock many of our favorite programs from our White Horse Inn archive to help you and your family focus on the significance of Passion Week and Easter. The first set we’ve made available starts off with a discussion of Isaiah’s famous Suffering Servant. In this famous prophecy from chapters 52 and 53, Israel’s messiah is described as one who will not only be despised and rejected, but who will also give his life for the iniquity of his people, and who will conquer the power of sin and death.

The Suffering Servant
WHI-1443  •  The Suffering Servant
WHI-1444  •  He Shall Sprinkle Many Nations
WHI-1445  •  He Was Pierced for Our Transgressions
WHI-1446  •  He Shall Justify Many & Bear Their Iniquities 

Next, we made available a number of programs from our recent Gospel of John series focusing on the final week of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Throughout this study we celebrated the Jewishness of the text and highlighted a number of commonly overlooked details in the narrative. Focusing on the subtle details helps us to see the ways in which various aspects of Jesus’ ministry were hinted at and foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament.

The Passion of Christ in the Gospel of John
WHI-1476  •  I Am the Resurrection & the Life
WHI-1477  •  Jesus’ Death Foretold
WHI-1478  •  The Triumphal Entry
WHI-1479  •  Who Has Believed Our Report?
WHI-1480  •  The Servant Leader
WHI-1482  •  I Am the Way
WHI-1487  •  The Arrest & Trial of Jesus
WHI-1488  •  My Kingdom Is Not of This World
WHI-1489  •  The Significance of Golgotha
WHI-1490  •  Naked, Ashamed, Despised & Rejected

While the account of Jesus’ life and death is the greatest story ever told, the significance of this amazing drama is worthy of a lifetime of meditation and reflection. To this end, we’ve also added to this collection a number of programs that explore the meaning of Christ’s vicarious life, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection. These programs also make clear why Christ’s work, rather than our own, lies at the core of the Gospel, and why proclaiming this message is at heart of the church’s mission.

Understanding Christ’s Mission & Work
WHI-0875  •  Crossless Christianity
WHI-1356  •  Christ’s Cross-Centered Mission
WHI-1357  •  Implications of the Cross
WHI-1358  •  Implications of the Resurrection
WHI-1307  •  Christ Our Resurrection Hope
WHI-1046  •  Proclaiming the Cross & Resurrection
WHI-1156   •  What the Gospel Is & Why We Should Believe It (1)
WHI-1157   •  What the Gospel Is & Why We Should Believe It (2)

Finally, if the story of Jesus is just a great work of fiction, or if he really lived but never actually rose again on the third day, then, as Paul says, “our faith is in vain” (1Cor. 15:14). Therefore, we’ve also unlocked a number of programs that focus on the reliability of Scripture, and the factual nature of Christ’s bodily resurrection.

The Resurrection: Fact or Fantasy?
WHI-0784  •  Christianity: A Faith Founded on Facts
WHI-1282  •  Can We Still Believe the Bible?
WHI-1377  •  Has the Bible Been Miscopied or Mistranslated?
WHI-1284  •  Jesus According to the History Channel
WHI-1431  •  The Four Gospels: History or Fan Fiction?
WHI-1252  •  Objections to the Resurrection
WHI-1491  •  Reconciling Accounts of the Resurrection

We hope these programs help you and your loved ones to grasp the meaning and significance of Christ’s redemptive work during these difficult and trying times.

He is risen!

Shane Rosenthal
White Horse Inn