White Horse Inn Modern Reformation

The Gospel-Driven Life in the Malay Language

Release date:

October 19, 2011

Mike Horton is the author or editor of over 25 books, so we’re not surprised when a new shipment of books bearing his name arrives at our offices. Sometimes it’s a brand new book he forgot to mention that he wrote over Spring Break!

The other day we had a shipment arrive in our office of a few copies of Dr. Horton’s The Gospel-Driven Life translated into a different language. What language? Google Translate to the rescue! The language is Malay which is the official language of Malaysia and Indonesia (per Wikipedia).

Malay now joins a good number of other languages into which Dr. Horton’s books have been translated, including Arabic, Latvian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The resources of the White Horse Inn are also having a broad impact.¬†For instance, in the past 30 days we have had visits to our website from over 130 countries! Soli Deo Gloria