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White Horse Inn: Conversational Theology

Christianity vs. Progressive Theology

In his bestselling book The Universal Christ, progressive theologian Richard Rohr claims that the doctrine of original sin was invented by Augustine and that the Bible actually teaches the “inherent goodness of human nature.” So what are the implications of this view on the way progressive Christians think about salvation in general and the atonement in particular? Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more as he continues his conversation with Alisa Childers, author of Another Gospel: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity.

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When I first began to study Isaiah 53 and to see it as an amazing prophecy about the messiah who would come as a suffering servant, it totally came alive for me. In that prophecy, Isaiah reveals that “it was the will of the Lord to crush him,” so that he could bear our sins and transgressions. In fact, there is even payment language in that chapter, where it says that his righteousness will essentially be put into our account. This was exciting to me because progressive Christians love to say that the idea of Jesus dying for my sins or bearing my punishment is totally unbiblical. But Isaiah 53, and other passages like it, show that Christ’s atoning sacrifice is so biblical it jumps right off the page. It couldn’t be any clearer.

Alisa Childers


The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity

Author: Michael Kruger

Not long ago, Michael Kruger came across a list of ten principles set forth by proponents of progressive Christianity. They are, in effect, a new Ten Commandments. What is striking is that they are far less about God revealing his desires and far more about man expressing his own. Yet each of these commandments is partially true. That is what makes this list, and progressive Christianity as a whole, so challenging. Half-truths can sound quite appealing until you recognize their foundations and implications. In The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity, Michael Kruger diagnoses and critiques each of these tenets and offers a brief biblical and theological response.

Christianity and Liberalism

Author: J. Gresham Machen

This classic defense of orthodox Christianity, written to counter the liberalism that arose in the early 1900s, establishes the importance of scriptural doctrine and contrasts the teachings of liberalism and orthodoxy on God and man, the Bible, Christ, salvation, and the church. J. Gresham Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism has remained relevant through the years ever since its original publication in 1923. It was named one of the top 100 books of the millennium by World magazine and one of the top 100 books of the twentieth century by Christianity Today. 

Another Gospel?

Author: Alisa Childers

Another Gospel? describes the intellectual journey Alisa took over several years as she wrestled with a series of questions that struck at the core of the Christian faith. After everything she had ever believed about God, Jesus, and the Bible had been picked apart, she found herself at the brink of despair . . . until God rescued her, helping her to rebuild her faith, one solid brick at a time. In a culture of endless questions, you need solid answers. If you or someone you love has encountered the ideas of progressive Christianity and aren’t sure how to respond, Alisa’s journey will show you how to determine―and rest in―what’s unmistakably true.

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