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Crossless Christianity

“Christless Christianity” continues to be a problem in many churches around the world. Too often, though, even in places where Jesus’ name is frequently mentioned, he’s presented as a divine therapist or motivational speaker who encourages us to “be all we can be.” In other cases, he’s a kind of political organizer who calls us to various degrees of social activism. What seems to be missing, however, is the singular focus of the Apostle Paul who wrote to the Corinthians saying, “I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified” (originally aired 01-13-08).

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If the cross of Christ is not first of all a substitutionary atonement, then it would end up serving as an example of a cruel deity who causes his son to suffer a horrible death for no good purpose except to show us either how mad he gets and we better watch out (the governmental theory of the atonement) or to inspire us to become better people (the moral influence theory of the atonement). If the crucifixion actually turns away God’s wrath towards sinners, then Christ’s sacrificial death can serve an example of selfless love for us to emulate. The half truths in these other theories are parasitic on the central truth of Christ’s death being an atonement for sin.

Michael Horton


Christless Christianity

Author: Michael Horton

Christians have always had their differences, but never in church history have there been so many statistics indicating that many Christians today are practicing what can only be described as “Christless Christianity.” Christless Christianity guides the reader to a greater understanding of a big problem within the American religious setting, namely the creeping fog of countless sermons in churches across the country that focus on moralistic concerns and personal transformation rather than the theology of the cross. Michael Horton’s analysis of the contemporary church points believers back to the power of a gospel that should never be assumed.

The Gospel-Driven Life

Author: Michael Horton

In his well-received Christless Christianity Michael Horton offered a prophetic wake-up call for a self-centered American church. With The Gospel-Driven Life he turns from the crisis to the solutions, offering his recommendations for a new reformation in the faith, practice, and witness of contemporary Christianity. This insightful book will guide readers in reorienting their faith and the church’s purpose toward the good news of the gospel. The first six chapters explore that breaking news from heaven, while the rest of the book focuses on the kind of community that the gospel generates and the surprising ways in which God is at work in the world. Here is fresh news for Christians who are burned out on hype and are looking for hope.

The Gospel Commission

Author: Michael Horton

Many churches in America today want to be powerful, relevant, and influential in personal and social transformation. A plethora of programs for outreach, discipleship, and spiritual disciplines are available at any bookstore and on countless websites. Yet what we need most is a renewed understanding of and commitment to the Great Commission. We assume that we already know the nature of this commission and the appropriate methods of carrying it out. But Michael Horton contends that it too often becomes our mission instead of God’s. At a time when churches are zealously engaged in creating mission statements and strategic plans, he argues that we must ask ourselves anew whether we are ambassadors, following the script we’ve been given, or building our own kingdoms with our own blueprint.

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