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White Horse Inn: Conversational Theology

God in Human Flesh

Why did Jesus refer to himself as the Son of Man? Did he ever specifically make the claim that he was God? Why did the world need “God in human flesh” to rescue us in the first place, and was this idea of a divine descent ever mentioned anywhere in the Old Testament? The hosts will address these questions and more as they begin a new series on The Incarnation (originally aired 11-06-16).

Show Quote:

Athanasius talked about what he called the divine dilemma. God told our first parents, “If you sin, you will die.” And then they sinned. So, does God just forgive them and counter his own word? No, he can’t do that, because he cannot lie. But, God also can’t allow sin to win the day, because he is good, and true, and all powerful. So, what we need is a God-Man to step in and solve this dilemma—because only God can save us, and we need a real substitute.

Justin Holcomb



Author: Michael Horton

For many people, words like doctrine and theology cause their eyes to glaze over, or they find them difficult to understand and struggle to see how they are relevant to daily life. But theology is far from boring; it is the study of God and should lead to awe and wonder as we better understand who God is and what he has done for us. In Core Christianity, Mike Horton tackles the essential and basic beliefs that all Christians share. What is core to the Christian faith? In addition to unpacking these beliefs in a way that is easy to understand, Horton shows why they matter to our lives today.

Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus

Author: Nancy Guthrie

Between purchasing presents and planning travel, enjoying holiday pageants and attending parties, it is all too easy for the busyness of Christmas to crowd out a quiet anticipation of this sacred season. This anthology edited by Nancy Guthrie draws from the works and sermons of classic theologians such as George Whitefield, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, and Saint Augustine, and from leading contemporary teachers such as John Piper, Randy Alcorn, Tim Keller, and Joni Eareckson Tada to help readers enter into the wonder of Jesus’s incarnation and birth.

On the Incarnation

Author: Athanasius of Alexandria

This work was composed partly to explain Athanasius’s thoughts on Jesus Christ and the nature of the Holy Spirit, and partly to refute the views of Arius, a rival deacon within the Egyptian church. According to Athanasius, God arrived on Earth as Christ to show humans a pure example of divinity – through this illustration, humans may themselves aspire to immortality.

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