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White Horse Inn: Conversational Theology

The Gospel According to Abraham

Who was Abraham and why did God choose to bless him along with his descendants? Was it because he was a particularly holy and righteous man? What was the nature of God’s promise, and what did Abraham need to do in order to make it happen? Also, how does the covenant ritual described in Genesis 15 ultimately point us to Golgotha? Shane Rosenthal discusses these issues with Mike Brown, co-author of Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored.

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The Abrahamic covenant was in no way annulled by the Sinai covenant. The law of Moses revealed that all of us need a savior. It was like a tutor for children who was only necessary for a certain time. As long as that covenant remained in place, God’s promise to Abraham was limited to the people of Israel in the land of Canaan. But the greater fulfillment of that promise couldn’t come until Christ fulfilled the Mosaic promises and inaugurated the new covenant. This is why Paul says in Galatians that we’re really going backwards when we try to re-institute things such as circumcision or dietary laws. Those things were only appropriate during the time of the old covenant, but now that Christ has come, they are no longer in effect (Gal. 3:25).

Mike Brown


Introducing covenant theology

Author: Michael Horton

God of Promise unwinds the intricacies of covenant theology, making the complex surprisingly simple and accessible to every reader. With keen understanding, careful scholarship, and insight, Michael Horton leads all believers toward a deeper understanding of crucial covenant concepts.

Sacred Bond

Authors: Michael Brown and Zach Keele

One of the great benefits of covenant theology is that it helps us to see the unity of Scripture while also giving due attention to its remarkable variety. This dual benefit is demonstrated throughout the pages of Sacred Bond, an introductory-level text on covenant theology by ministers Michael Brown (URCNA) and Zach Keele (OPC). The book is both clear and well organized, making it ideal for use in an adult Sunday school class or small group study. 

Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality: The Gospel According to Abraham

Author: Iain Duguid

God made Abraham glorious promises, but the patriarch still spent years living in a gap between their fulfillment and his day-to-day reality. We can often relate to him. Working through the Genesis account, Iain Duguid shows how Abraham, in both his faith and failure, points to Jesus and the gospel, providing an example and a profound encouragement for us today.