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The Theology of Christmas Movies

What is the true spirit of Christmas? That’s the question at the heart of countless Christmas films that clutter the airwaves this time of year. The answer one typically receives from these kinds of movies is not merely a slight deviation from the biblical storyline, but rather should be seen as a complete departure that turns our attention away from the redemption of the incarnate Son of God to a message about ourselves. The hosts will discuss this topic by walking through memorable lines from movies such as A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and many others (originally aired 12/11/16).

Show Quote:

Many people believe, like one of the characters expressed in Home Alone II, that we get extra points at Christmas time for our good deeds. The basic view of human beings that grounds all of this is the false idea that the heart is a kind of divine thing inside of us made of star-stuff. This is why were constantly told in movies of this kind to “follow the star in your heart.” But, the real Christmas story is about following another star. One that was in an actual place in Bethlehem, that will lead us to an objective savior, namely, Jesus Christ.

Michael Horton

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