The Gift of Prayer

In this free download, seasoned pastor and White Horse Inn podcast host Bob Hiller helps you hear what Jesus teaches about prayer and what it looks like to pray in light of the gospel.

Can the Devil Read My Mind?

In Can the Devil Read My Mind? Pastor David Cassidy helps readers experience freedom from fear as they grapple with twin truths: 1) We really do have a […]


Get this free download to listen to all five extended-length episodes from our 2013 White Horse Inn series, "Ordinary."

WHI Doctrine Quiz

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of basic doctrine. When you’re done, we’ll send you a PDF containing the correct answers with explanations.

Reformation Essentials

If you’re interested in knowing more about the doctrines that helped launch and give shape to the Protestant Reformation, you’ll want to get this new collection.

Christianity and Popular Culture

In our new collection, Christianity and Popular Culture: Understanding Our Time, we discuss these questions, and more, as we consider the effects that American pop culture has had on the church.

The Spirit of the Age

In this special collection we’ll explore some of the ways in which the beliefs of our contemporary culture can be seen as counterfeit gospels.

The Cross and Resurrection

This collection introduces you to the work of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Isaiah, who offers us remarkable insights into the person and work of the Savior.