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The White Horse Inn and its sound theological teaching totally transformed my family. My Grandad Trig listened to the shows from its beginning and his influence has affected us by the truth, then transferring to my Father who diligently studied and taught it then to us children, including myself. Though I lost Grandad when I was nine I see the cassette tapes he bought and listened to and remember how much difference they made in his life and therefore to my own life.

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Tesha, Glade Kansas

We have a mobile car wash in the parking garage of our building, so I left my car for the guy to clean today. He called to say that he was done. I went to pay him and he mentioned that he listened to my WHI CD while he was cleaning my car and really liked it. He said his mom is a regular listener. He said that he is a sophomore at Liberty who is taking the semester off to make money for school. He said that most Christianity is very anti-intellectual and that WHI is a welcome change. I had about 20 or so WHI CD’s that I had already listened to and gave them to him and told them to pass them out to his friends after he listened to them.

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Subject: WHI Story

I want to thank WHI for your weekly program. Your show is a weekly reminder of how we all ought to keep Christ as central in our lives and ministries.

I am a Chaplain in the Air Force recently back from Iraq. While there I received probably the best compliment any pastor could get. After preaching at one of our contemporary Christian services shortly after arriving in Iraq, a troop came over to me and said with eyes full of tears, “Chaplain, I want to thank you. The chaplain before you told a lot of great stories, and gave a lot of great illustrations, and I learned a lot about Loony Toons and Bill Cosby. But you came and started talking about this Man named Jesus, and it was like having real Church again.”

We always need to be reminded that people need Christ, not our stories. “We preach not ourselves”. Thanks WHI for the weekly reminder!!
In Christ’s service, Ch Capt Joshua, USAF

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Subject: Thank You


To: webmaster *at* whitehorseinn.org

I want to compliment you on your newly remodeled home page. Love the photo, and the intro is very well said. I have been listening to you now for 4 years and so glad the Lord led me to your clear teaching discussions helping me to know the clear truth of what the Bible really says, clear doctrine, and rightly dividing the Word, and why I believe it. After listening to so many mixed up pastors and teachers that confused me ‘til I went nuts, you guys have made all the difference in my life. Thank you. I am always telling others about your site. Keep up the good work.(But don’t get too fancy – we like you just the way you are!).

Sandy from Gresham, OR

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Subject: No More Therapy

How Reformed Theology and the White Horse Inn have helped me:

After 30+ years of “Christian” and “secular” psychological therapy to deal with things like: Post Traumatic Stress, Abandonment Issues, Co-dependency, Panic Attacks, Depression, Borderline Personality Syndrome, Bulimia, Wanting a Divorce, Fear of Flying… (These terms seem so strange to me now) I began to learn about some of the Reformed doctrines through the White Horse Inn, R.C. Sproul, Jerry Bridges, et al, and I am sucking it up like a dry sponge.

I said goodbye to my “Christian Therapist” telling him that now that I understand that “I am desperately wicked”, and that God has taken care of that in Christ, I don’t need to “protect myself” from all of those “abusers” and “scapegoaters” anymore. I am just as guilty as they are! He couldn’t understand why that would comfort me 🙂

BTW, I just had to sign-up as an Architect because I am so grateful for your work, and I love those extended versions and Bonus Tracks. (And it’s a lot cheaper than psychological therapy!)

Linda -California

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Subject: Thanks!

Dear WHI Staff,

I just wanted to say thanks so very much! I stumbled across your radio program in 2007 and through it God has changed my life. I was saved ten years ago, and until 2007 had only been exposed to non-reformed biblical teaching. I had formulated different thoughts about ministry and the Bible, but it wasn’t until I started learning about the teaching of reformed theology, or should I say historic Christianity, that these thoughts were confirmed and expanded upon. I now attend a URCNA church, and LOVE the Heidelberg Catechism as a tool to understand the Bible better. Finally I found a Christianity that engages my mind, as well as my heart. God bless.

New England Listener

Subject: Post Christian Broadcast

Loved these latest broadcasts! It seemed you struck exactly the right note with seeing the good and the bad in American culture and government. You even discussed Madison and Witherspoon!! Love it! Keep up the good work!

Illinois Listener

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Subject: Thanks for your program

I wept after listening to your program “Repentance and Personal Transformation” as you finished with Psalm 51. What comforting words were spoken in that program. I was one of the “bruised reeds and smoldering wicks” that was crushed by my own sin and others Expectations and spent way too many years thinking as Jonah: “If you just throw me overboard, live will be better for all concerned”. Since I can’t remember ever having a day when I perfectly loved God or my neighbor, to be reminded again of how magnanimous God’s grace is overwhelming. What a Savior we have. Thanks for the powerful reminder.

Peace, love and joy in His Name.

Mike from Indiana

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Hello from Northeast!

Greetings Friends at WHI!

I can’t tell how much I have enjoyed listening to your programs over and over through iTunes while I’m working away in my kitchen. They have been a tremendous source of teaching and encouragement. (You guys have way too much fun talking about theology! I love it!)

Heidi from Massachusetts

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Encouraging “Self-Feeding”

Hi Guys,

Listening to your ‘Self-Feeders’ broadcast today, many things came to mind. I would like to share a few.

During the process of leaving/being shown the door, God opened our eyes to many of the dynamics that were going on there, which are hallmarks of the Willow Creek model, that make the model so appealing and hold it in place even to the point of driving out spiritually mature members.

It is fascinating to me that after going through the research study and finding that mature members were starving, the conclusion that WC came to was not that they were failing to lead the flock to green pastures, but that it was the job of the flock to feed themselves.

This of course is not the model that we see in scripture. Paul never wrote to Timothy and told him to “figure it out” on his own, he lovingly, painstakingly discipled him. Christ walked with Peter and had very tense, very confrontational, very fruitful conversations with him.

But in the “feed yourself” model that abandons biblical discipleship, the pastors are free from having to invest in one on one relationships with mature congregants. They are no longer tethered to individuals in the church, and are free to become “rock stars” as my husband and I have begun to refer to our former mega church pastor and those who seem to seek fame over loving and investing individuals who crave more of Christ.

At some point in a Willow Creek inspired church, an invisible velvet rope goes up between the pastor and the congregation, and that lack of discipleship relationship not only serves the pastors desire for worldly success in freeing him up to write books, go on the radio, fly to conferences and increase his national name recognition, but it also frees him up from the accountability to obedience to scripture that happens when you are doing one on one discipleship. Because, as I am sure you have experienced at some point, when you are teaching an individual on any topic, not only does the Holy Spirit shine the spotlight of conviction on that area for you, He also has that disciple right there who has full access and freedom to call you on the carpet.

Once the discipleship relationships have been dispensed with, formal accountability structures, like elder boards, are faced with the task of holding pastors to account, but if said pastors are bringing in the bodies and the money, often the majority on any given board who don’t want to kill the golden goose, win out over those who want their church to be holding themselves daily, hourly to scripture.

Once this ‘freeing pastors from discipleship’ mode is in place, the reality is then that there is a spiritual glass ceiling in that church. One does not just have to crave growing in their understanding and worship of God to gain access to the guy who went to seminary and can presumably answer the “Level 4” questions and offer Olympic level training, but as you touched on, must sign on to the goals of their church, which ubiquitously include programs, increasing numbers and building projects. (Wasn’t the Acts Church selling their land to give to those who had need?) Those agendas then leave little time for wading through deep theological discussions and difficult personal issues, bringing the two together in a way that results in the sacrifice of deeply held personal idols in the true life worship of The Sovereign God.

I am the mother of a child with autism, and a disability rights advocate, who finds herself with the same struggle on a weekly basis. I get so focused on making the world a safe place for my son and other children, that I forget that my higher calling is to be in close relationship with my beautiful baby and meet his needs. To both figuratively and literally feed him.

After the worship of God of course, my first calling as a mom is to feed and care for my children, and in my free time I can try to save the rest of the world. But frankly, sometimes the latter is more appealing as the former has the tendency to kick my butt.

The first calling of a pastor is to feed and care for the sheep that God has entrusted to him, not to tell the sheep to go find their own food while they do research studies, write books, do podcasts and hold shepherds conferences.

I hope that you guys are learning from the errors of WC influenced and not forsaking discipleship of your own little flocks to do The White Horse Inn. But please don’t stop doing the White Horse Inn! Reformed, house bound moms with disabled kids like me need it!!!


To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Thank you!

Dear White Horse Inn Staff,

I recently graduated college and I just wanted to thank all of you for the great work that you are doing in spreading the Gospel. I always called myself a Christian and really believed that I was doing God’s work by just being a nice person. I was focused on things that I could do for God and very rarely thought about what He had already done for me! Only in some holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, would I ever remember the work that He did, the sacrifice He made, and all of that for me! I was trapped in my own thoughts, always looking out for what I could do in order to “improve my relationship with God”. I was foolish thinking I was a better Christian than others at church.

A friend of mine told me about your program and told me that I should check it out. I was still in college at that time and thought “man…do I really want to listen to this program? I have so many other things to do!” I really didn’t. For some reason I decided to listen in last November, but I did not fully understand the program so I let it go for some time. Then, I decided to listen to it last February and I was hooked. The theme you picked and the discussions on the program could not have come at a better time for me. I was feeling tired, and thought I was not doing enough to work on my own salvation. I was shaken up just by listening to you guys speak. Many times I wanted to contest what you were saying about justification. I always believed that my deeds would save me, and then reality hit me. Since then I have been reading my Bible and not looking at it simply as a “guideline” but as the actual word of God and the promise He has given to those whom He called. It took me a while to understand that I was saved because of the sacrifice that Christ made.

The church I often go to is one that does not proclaim the Gospel as it should be proclaimed. Someone once told me that the Gospel there is more like “Gospel-lite”, somethings are better off not said. I completely disagree now, but I know why some prefer to avoid the topic of sin and God’s righteousness. I do not go there regularly but I do know the pastor is very approachable. I hope to talk to him one day soon and just ask simple questions about the message he gives out every week to the members. I am concerned about his approach to the Gospel, and more concerned at the fact that he seems to care most of all about the church attendance ratings. Often times he calls on the members to bring their friends so that they listen to God’s word, but he is not fully doing that with the members that are already present. It really makes me sad, to the point that I am in tears when I think about it. I pray that this situation will change but at the same time I want to find another church and I am searching, but in a small town in Massachusetts there are not many options of Reformed churches.

I pray that you will continue to do God’s work, and that as people like me listen in to your program their ears might be opened to His word. Thank you and keep it up!

In Him,

To: The White Horse Inn

Dear Br. Mike/Family in CHRIST JESUS,

“Christian salutations Beloveds:) I trust you are well in the LORD’S ever merciful loving care:) i’m a prisoner…who LOVES the discussion of the W.H.I.; and have had the pleasure of STUDYING several issues of MR over the past 7 plus years. (Pass along my re. to Brs. Kim, Ken, and Rod too please:) All praise, honor and glory to YHWH!!!

I would appreciate it if y’all could bless us w/a gift subscription (I will most likely be serving the LORD here in prison for the rest of my life, due to my past sinful life-style) for as long as y’all can do so. I just read: MR; vol. 17, no. 3; May/June 2008 that another prisoner had (and PROVIDENTIIALLY enough…I just happened to be totin’ a 1999 issue re. “hermeneutics” to our BRAND NEW “Protestant Christian Doctrine” [PCD] class…so we exchanged MRs:) Please start with: MR; vol. 17 no. 3; May/Jun 2008.

Also, i LOANED my copy of MR, re. SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY to a guy a few years ago…however, he never returned same (that was one of my KEEPERS (for topics that come up YEAR AFTER YEAR)…. If y’all have an extra copy of that one, I’d appreciate it if you would send us one of those, too…i’d appreciate it if y’all would also send me reg. updates on the upcoming topics of the W.H.I. I only see guys fr. Other parts of the prison once every two weeks; plus I’d like to have some Brethren in the sts. tune in to various segments.

Speaking of which, if y’all’d please send a comp. CD of the most recent 2 part series on: “American-Pelagianism” 🙁 to these Brethren, i/they would appreciate it. (:We aren’t allowed CD, nor tape players here…however…one day I may get moved to another facility, and this is one of the first messages I’d like to listen to and share.

Personally? As i was sharing we recent acquaintance: “Simply put, i’m a Christian of the historical reformed faith; I concur 100% w/the London Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689 – i re. to those 32 points of doctrine it presents.”

The HOLY SPIRIT just opened up the door (first time since this prison has been standing in the past 100+ years) for a Protestant Christian doctrine class (PCD). IT IS THE BEST CLASS WE’VE EVER HAD HERE! AND WE WILL BE TEACHING THE DOCTRINES’ OF YHWH’S FREE AND SOVEREIGN GRACE, AND THEN SOME!! All praise, honor and glory be to YHWH!!!”

Keep the faith Brethren; Jude 3-4…you remain in my humble prayers…

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Gratitude for Intelligent Discussion of Important Subjects

Thank you for helping me to think more clearly, precisely, and deeply about the major issues facing Christians today. I recently discovered your show on the internet and have also browsed the archives of both White Horse Inn and Modern Reformation. My wife and I often listen to your program in the evening, once the children are in bed, instead of watching some mindless movie. We live in Canada, where there are no stations that carry your program (believe me, there’s a fair size market north of you), so we listen over the internet.

By the way, the title WHI is brilliant! I’ve read Marcus Loans’s book Masters of the English Reformation and his account of those first reformers gathering at the White Horse Inn around Master Bilney to discuss the ‘new ideas’ about faith in Christ made me want to be there too. Your show is the next best thing. Both WHI and Modern Reformation are superb. Your material, especially the talk show, has aided the growth of my faith in Christ as your discussions give a reasonable explanation of biblical truths. Not only that, but you guys take the time to carefully situate your discussion within the context of the history of ideas. Unbelievable! You actually talk about Kant, Hegel, and the other big boys of philosophy, thus proving that Christians are able to bring their faith to bear on the world of ideas and remain unscathed. We don’t need to be like the fundementalists and retreat from the world of ideas.

Since I was converted, I have lamented how mindless modern Christianity seems to be. American evangelicalism does seem to be blithely, robustly, and vehemently anti-intellectual. I’ve read C. Peter Wagner’s, Rick Warren’s, and Bill Hybel’s books on church growth. It’s almost all method with only the thinnest, most vapid layer of theology tacked on–was doctrine an afterthought? Until I started reading Reformed theology and listening to WHI, I wondered why that was the case. Now I understand that these guys are the inheritors of Finney’s system that stresses numerical results over sound doctrine, feeling over reason, and personal experience over scriptural witness. The modern Church is in the grips of historical and theological amnesia. Scary stuff. No wonder pelagianism is creeping into our churches. The people–and way too many ministers!–haven’t got a clue what this heresy is, so how can they detect it in their own thoughts and in the life of their congregation?

Thank you for reminding us of our truly outstanding intellectual heritage. The Reformation was, among other things, a burst of the best kind of enlightenment–the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 4.6).

By the way, I made available 25 copies of Michael Horton’s essay ‘Christless Christianity’ to our congregation. They were snatched up. I warned people that they would need to put on their thinking caps while reading it. Inspired, I wrote a short article on Christ as our propitiation. It, too, was snatched up. I had earlier preached on the subject of propitiation and a women who had always been a church-going Christian complained that I was using big words that she’d never heard before! In response, I wrote the article pointing out that propitiation is a central part of the biblical story. It’s in the Bible. Why hadn’t she heard this before now? What had the ministers before me been preaching for the last fifty-five years? Reformed theology in general and the WHI in particular have made sense of why doctrine has fallen by the wayside. Thanks and God bless.


To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Just thought you might like to know…

There was a time in my life when the furthermost thing from my mind was whether or not I had a right relationship with Christ (and I’m not talking about a “Personal Relationship”). I loved sin but didn’t mind going to church because it gave others the impression that I was a good person which in turn made me feel better about myself. All of the churches I’ve attended preached “seeker-sensitive topical” sermons whether they know it or not. So, I sat through message after message hearing their take on the concept of “once saved always saved” without a biblical explanation of salvation and several sermons filled with cliches and humor. So, Jesus and all things Christian became more of a fashion accessory than anything else. I talked like the world, walked like the world, and acted like the world, but at the end of the day I thought I was “born-again.”

I didn’t know that I was dead in my trespasses. I assumed that I was saved because I quoted the words that some pastor prayed (and I believed that I meant it). Unknowingly, I was ignoring the Reformation insight into the nature of justification. I thought I was what some Baptist have been known to call a “carnal Christian.” I didn’t know that this was a contradiction in terms at the time. I didn’t know that you cannot be a genuine Christian and live in continuous carnality and unrepentant sin because it simply wasn’t preached in from the pulpit. Everything changed when I stumbled across the White Horse Inn broadcast.

Now, I know the importance of being in and raising my daughter in a Reformed church (as defined by the great Reformed confessions) where we will hear the truth of God’s Word preached from the pulpit with boldness. I am not the same person I was four years ago because I turned to Christ and not just away from my self-centered life. Moreover , I am not the same person I was a month ago because of what I’ve learned form Mike Horton and the guys on WHI. I am now dedicated to living a style of life that is concerned about the will of the Father. And, I am excited about learning more and more Reformed Theology.

Also, we haven’t received anything in the mail yet, but we’ve decided to become partners (Architects) with WHI because it has not only changed our perspective, it has changed our lives. Keep on proclaiming the true gospel.

PS – We found an ARP church and will begin worshiping there this Lord’s Day!

Thank you so much,
Jessica Jacobson

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: For Michael Horton

I want to begin by showing my utter gratitude to you, Ken, Rod and Kim. I have learned more from you men (including R.C. Sproul) than I have in my entire seminary education. No exaggeration. The substantive theological discussions on the White Horse Inn are truly remarkable. I know you’re thinking this is basic Christianity, however, our Churches have all but lost them. You men have challenged me intellectually, theologically and spiritually. I can’t thank God enough for people like you, bastions of truth, uncompromising in conviction. I simply want you to be encouraged; you are touching the lives of young and old, pastors and laypersons alike. KEEP GOING!

I also wanted to inform you that the WHI has inspired me to finish my Seminary education with writing a thesis on Brian Mclaren and specifically his perspective on Justification. I want to pursue a Ph.D and teach one day, hence my thesis. I also am captivated at the loss of substitutionary atonement in modern “evangelicalism.” It’s almost become a peripheral issue, one that’s important but not absolutely necessary. Unbelievable!

Again, I want to thank you and encourage you to hold tenaciously to the truths of God, for without them we are miserable and lost.

Pressing on,

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Testimonial

The White Horse Inn is the finest apologetic program anywhere. The presentation of “knowing what you believe and why you believe it” is superb. Dr. Horton could use lofty terminology, but speaks plainly with his fellow panelists in terms the laity understands. Fight on gentlemen!

David – Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Thank you so much

Hey Guys,

I just want to say thank you, I have been listening for some time now, and I really enjoy the show. I have grown a considerable amount.

I have grown up in Church my whole life, my father is a reformed pastor, I have believed since before I can remember, but until I started listening to you guys, I couldn’t articulate many of the things that were in my mind.

And I think I have pinpointed why your show has helped me so much.

It’s because I respect the opinions of the Mike and ‘usual cast of characters.’ I respect you because you treat me like an adult, you speak to me using words with more than two syllables. I hear others speak, and I feel like they are mocking me by dumbing everything down. Sure the majority of people now-a-days don’t understand ‘large words’ but that’s because they never hear them! It continuously baffles me that The Heidelberg Catechism was written for CHILDREN, in an age where few people could read. Now look at us.

Anyways, thanks for not making fun of the people who are genuinely looking for answers, and who want to learn the truth.


To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org

This year’s episodes of the WHI continue to shake my theological tree… and it’s a amazing but many in my family have also started to listen and are realizing the importance of having Christ crucified for sinners as the focus of our worship. I just wanted to continue to encourage you guys that what you are exposing in Evangelicalism is striking a cord with many many former fundamentalists and we are excited to find that Christ really can quench our thirst. We’ve been thirsty for so long!

Yesterday it finally struck me that I had been terrified that my daughter would not find Christianity or worship “fun” and that she would turn away from it… wow… that was really wrong. My wife and I decided to start reading and explaining scripture to her at night even though she finds it quite boring in comparison to her Barbie book. We asked her “do you like to eat?” She responded, “Yes”. Then we explained that she needs to eat so she doesn’t die… and so it is with her soul needing to eat God’s Word so she doesn’t die. Whether or not she finds him boring at 5 years old… Christ is our life. The manna from heaven.

The idea that Christianity has to be “fun”… where did that come from? We don’t expect that at weddings, funerals, or graduation ceremonies do we? Or maybe we do now…

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Love in Christ,
Mark, Toledo OH

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: thank you

Michael, Kim, Ken, and Rod,

I want to thank all of you for the constant encouragement on The White Horse Inn.

I grew up in a Midwestern Baptist church, where we were constantly told to take a stand for Jesus. And against such worldly things as alcohol, rock & roll, and R-rated movies. But when I reached a question-asking age, I received few real answers.

I never lost faith in Christ, but certainly lost faith in Christians. Then my father suggested I listen to your interview of Scott Derrickson a few years ago, because of my interest in film. As I continued to listen the following weeks, I was amazed that there were articulate men speaking intelligently about the problems I saw in the churches around me.

God has definitely used your show to grow my desire for him and knowledge about him. And shown me that I need to be active in Christ’s church and not merely tolerant.

Thanks very much,

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Recent Broadcasts

Dear White Horse Inn Staff, All of You,

The last several broadcasts have been home runs that reached Massachusetts. Your relevant discussions inform me and affirm me in evangelizing the procession of people that I meet. Whether you were talking about the bookstore gospel, the personal relationship gospel, or the anti-intellectual gospel, it seemed that Divine insight was foreshadowing or following up on the people I was meeting. Time forbids my going on. Just please keep doing what you are doing.


To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: I thank you

It’s about 11:00 pm east coast time (north of Atlanta), but I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do through the White Horse Inn. The refreshing way you guys approach the Scriptures is not just enjoyable to listen to, but you all speak with authority and have opened the Bible to me in ways I have never known. I believe for the first time in my almost 15 years as a Christian that I have begun to more fully understand the big picture of the Bible and my faith because of your discussions and teachings through the White Horse Inn (and, oh yeah, Modern Reformation magazine). You guys have probably saved my faith from lapsing into Gnosticism and/or relativism by giving it real history, truth, and revelation that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the world’s Savior. I receive the White Horse Inn CDs each month and they have become a cornerstone to sustaining my faith. Unfortunately, I am in an area where covenantal theology is not common or popular, but you guys I have given me hope again.


To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: grateful

Dear WHI,

Thank you so much for your weekly program. I have been listening to WHI for several years now and cannot tell you how much I have benefitted from learning from you. The last 4-5 programs have been especially helpful. I feel like I need to listen to them a second time and take notes.

I have been on staff with The Navigators for several years now, and have sought to help others grow, based on the theology of the Reformation. Over the past year, I have taught 2 Church History courses at my home church- one was an overview of Church History and then the second was on The Reformation. Both of these classes were taught with the Solas of the Reformation framing each lecture and were heavily influenced by the wonderful truths I have learned from your program. I basically use church history to “unpack” the simple gospel and to show its ramifications on all of life- that God alone may ultimately be glorified. I cannot think of a better way to “disciple” people, which is what the Navigators are all about.

I cannot tell you how hungry the men, women and children (!) were to hear these things! God is working in my little corner of the world (southern Ohio and West Virginia), and I am deeply grateful to you and to our majestic God for how he has raised you all up for His Kingdom and glory.

With all my heart, Mr. Rosenbladt, Mr. Horton, Mr. Jones and Mr. Riddlebarger, thank you for your labor in the Lord. It is not in vain.


To: staff@whitehorseinn
Subject: Sunday night’s broadcast

Dear Mike, I have been involved in teaching the Bible for many years through Bible Study Fellowship. I was listening to your broadcast for the very first time as I was driving Sunday night and was compelled to comment on your show. Unfortunately, I was absolutely astonished at the “clips” from pastors at a convention regarding their teaching of doctrine and “use” of “churchy words”!!! Please give a big “THANK YOU” to your guests for their commitment to the BIBLE and God’s use of “churchy words”. I had to agree with your guests that most of those pastors should be fired for their willful disobedience to the call that God has given them. Your program confirmed for me the absolute necessity to support and stand firm on the TRUTHFUL teaching of doctrine and the responsibility to “define” these Biblical terms to our congregations and students of the Bible. I actually arrived home Sunday night and located your website on my computer to finish listening to the program. May God bless your ministry and bring forth much fruit!

Thank you, Thank you,
A new dedicated listener,

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: “Shallow Waters” Podcast

Dear Dr. Horton,

I just finished listening to your Podcast entitled “Shallow Waters.” I have one quick comment about this Podcast. I remember coming out of Sunday School in the late 1950’s early 60’s and my mother asking me, “What did you learn today?” Today, I hear parents ask, “Did you have fun?”

I appreciate your broadcast. The topics are very thought provoking and your comments are very insightful. Sadly, I no longer have Issues, Etc. to listen to. Their removal came two days after my congregation and I resigned our respective memberships in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Our desire is to remain faithful, being captive to the Word rather than indulge the world with its “Karaoke Christianity,” the crude, amateurish imitation of Christianity that thinks its the real thing because, well, it says it is.

Thank you for taking time to read my email.

Rev. Douglas Handrich

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn.org
Subject: Thanks!

Dear Dear Dr. Horton and White Horse Inn Staff:

I wanted to send a big thank you for all your hard work—your message, “The Gospel of Personal Relationship” was by far one of the greatest broadcasts yet. I posted a link to your page on a Christian site with this message and was basically “persecuted” by a few folks:( However, there were others that really enjoyed the message and plan to sign up and listen to your other programs. I’ve also told them about Modern Reformation magazine.

Thanks again for all your help!

In His grace and peace~

From: A Prisoner
To: The White Horse Inn

“Thanks so much for your Christ-centered teaching. Most are straying from these things that the church fathers were willing to die for and straying to ‘a different gospel.’ Thanks for not wavering.”

From: Mark
To: The Staff of the White Horse Inn and Modern Reformation

I grew up in and was catechized in a CRC/URC congregation and attended a Christian school from kindergarten through high school. I have been steeped in the Reformed tradition from my youth and I thank the Lord immensely for that. Even at a Reformed college I was presented with differing views and opinions to which I needed to respond. If there was something I could not give an answer to, my father was a phone-call or an e-mail away. Leaving college to go into the real world presented to me world-views and beliefs I had never been exposed to and more questions and situations were thrown at me. Just over a year after leaving college, my father, my “answer man,” died. When situations arose, I was left to fend for myself and needed to find the resources to help me. I was leery of searching the Internet for help, but cautiously I did just that. I ran across articles from Modern Reformation magazine which included some written by Dr. Godfrey, Dr. Horton and Dr. Baugh, who I knew were professors at Westminster Seminary California. Therefore, I felt confident that I could trust those resources to help me deepen my understanding of the Reformed faith.

Since that time I found The White Horse Inn, which I listen to every week. Also, I currently subscribe to Modern Reformation. Those two resources alone have been very valuable in providing my friends and me the ability to dive into the Reformed faith and make it into something that we cherish and not just something we learned in catechism.

By studying God’s Word with the help of Modern Reformation, and The White Horse Inn I have been able to make the Reformed tradition alive in my life.

From: Ed

To: The White Horse Inn

Thank you for helping me to realize how broken I am. I am a 22 yr old Southern Baptist Youth Pastor and I have never heard any of what you talk about on the White Horse Inn podcast until a reformed friend of mine started to question me and point me to your podcast. I feel that I have done a lot of damage to kids I have taught up until now and I pray that God keeps blessing your ministry.

From: Brian

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Love the show

Thanks so much for WHI… I’m here in the Arabian Peninsula and your show is a wonderful spiritual encouragement for me to think more deeply about my faith and doctrine. I find myself repeating things I’ve heard on the show in my ministry with those around me from all different religious backgrounds.

From: Jeff
To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Thank you

Thank you, Dr. Horton and your staff, for your excellent broadcast on “Christless Christianity.” You and your guests hit the nail squarely on the head. There is so much of this in today’s church that it is difficult for believers to know where to turn. It was a great relief to hear your broadcast and to learn that our family and friends are not alone. We are hearing these things from the pulpit of our own church and have been troubled about it for some time, yet have found it difficult to clearly define or state why we were troubled. Please keep up the good work.

We think there are many believers like us who are trying to cope with this deluge of what I call the “hollow sermons” – the preacher says all the right things, and uses the right theological terminology, but the words are hollowed out shells with no meaning — or at least no scriptural meaning — behind them.

Thank you and may God bless your broadcast.

From: Lynn

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn

Have been downloading podcasts of your program and listening to them for several weeks now. THANK YOU for your continued work in addressing the issues of the church. I have been helped in my thinking and understanding through your labors. Keep up the good work!

From: Gary

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Three Cheers for the White Horse Inn

Greetings to you! I want to send this quick letter and ask that you share it with the staff and specifically with all members of the “panel” there at the WHI. Your radio program has been such boost to my life. I keep saying to myself, “Yes!”, that is what I thought all along and nobody really understands! I have not always been able to put a specific word or title to what I see happening to the church today. You have adhered to the “meat and potatoes” of the gospel and don’t let people get away with half truths or sloppy theology, philosophy, or logic. Your program is heard in more places than you think. Thanks to my MP3 player and the ability to download your program, I am able to tune in again and again. I am a pilot for Southwest Airlines and commute across the country for work. I have plenty of time to fill my mind of mush with TRUTH. It is all because of God and you, the humble members of the White Horse Inn that enable me to know what I believe and why I believe! Thank you!

From: Michael

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Gnosticism Gnot Sticking

Dear Michael, Kim, Ken and Rod,

Personally, I found Sunday’s broadcast on Gnosticism to be a timely word for evangelistic purposes. Also Ken’s statement of believers’ universal testimony (paraphrased: “I’m a sinner and Christ died for me”) affirmed a recent conviction that many “testimonies” are more unseemly autobiographies of the speakers, not testimonies of redemption in Christ. I’ve been guilty of this; I won’t be guilty of this again. As you speak the truth in love, you and all Inn-mates remain in my fervent prayers.

From: Aaron

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Thank you

Dear Dr. Horton and White Horse Inn Staff,

I just want to say thank you for so succinctly articulating truth in season and out. We certainly live in an age of pragmatism and ambivalence. Truth is maligned at every corner. Yet WHI is a Howitzer belting out the bare truth that is so needed today. You may not be saying what people want to hear, but it is certainly what we need to hear. Keep it up.

I come from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have a Dutch last name but that is where it stops. My church background, from all I can tell, is very similar to Dr. Horton. I grew up in G.A.R.B churches my whole life. I went a Baptist High school and I attended Moody Bible Institute. I currently live and work in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission. My Biblical upbringing has been shaken to the core since the Lord drew me to Reformed theology over the past 10 years. (It needed to be shaken to the core.) Knowing what you believe and why you believe it, it’s about time. Thank you for doing your part and being faithful to the Word. It has not return void.

From: Martin

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn

I wanted to thank you for exposing the very false teachings of Joel Osteen. Keep up the great work that the staff does.

From: Pastor Charles

To: staff *at* whitehorseinn
Subject: Thank you for your ministry

To Whom it May Concern;

I wanted to let the fellows know who speak on the White Horse Inn podcast that I truly appreciate their topic of discussing faith alone and justification over the last few months. I am a pastor of a church and have had to deal with an individual who continually challenges the doctrine of justification by faith alone.

Listening to your podcast has shored up my understanding of this important doctrine and was very timely to help me once again cement clearly in my mind the value of justification, especially the imputed righteousness of Christ. I would not call myself reformed theologically, but I hold firmly to the biblical definition of justification by faith alone and the value of continually looking to the amazing grace of Christ as our sole provider of relationship with God and the motivation to live for Christ on a daily basis.

May God richly bless you as you continue to remind us in the church to hold fast to the fundamental teachings of the faith that enable us to know and live for God.

Pastor Charles

Letter From: Mark

Dear Mike, “Dad” Rod, Ken & Kim,

I’ve been a listener since 1997 when you were on 1100 AM KFAX S.F. CA. At that time I was in the Found and Lost Basket of confused converts. Then I said to myself one day after work I said “self” turn on the radio and see (hear) some more Christian Confusion or in the Greek – bologna-and alas I hear Rod’s voice saying we don’t know where to send people to hear God’s word being rightly divided.” Instantly my ears perked up. He was speaking about The Law and The Gospel. It was a Sunday and your show was 15 min. from 3:00 pm to 3:15, I couldn’t wait until next Sunday so I called the phone number given and still have the cassette series 2 tapes one Mike and the other Rod entitled The Law and The Gospel. At that time I wasn’t even attending a church. Being born and raised Roman Catholic then born again in an Assembly of God Church that I now term a Partial Birth Abortion ReBirth. You know The Toungues Thing. Law, Gospel, Law, or Law, Gospel, Tongues then your in. I even tried faking tongues LA LALA Shala him to LA boob A LA. I even found myself laying on the floor in front of the pulpit after a voice of a man behind me said “don’t worry we’ll catch you” as I resisted the push of the pastor. So when I got your tape series I listened to them over and over…And with Luther I can say as I read my Bible, Romans and Galatians, the Gospel leaped off the pages, and the Gates of Heaven opened and I entered in. I still have those tapes and many more from these years, and grace was revealed to me. But I tested it! I took the ball and ran towards Hell. Fell back into every sin I had during and before grace, and then some. I spent 5 yrs plus “In Vegas” not just a weekend as you (Mike) joked about the prodigal son did. I said “How about this God? Do you love me now? Yes? Well then how about this? Do you love me now? Yes! For years I tested Lord thy God and the answer kept coming back “Yes I still love you Mark.”

Well what else could I do but start loving him back. As Rod said when we focus on growth and maturity we get worser (bad grammar I know but that’s how I talk. I don’t spill good either). But as Rod said and I’ve learned to be true that if we focus on the cross, when we’re not looking some growth and maturity comes. So after God passed my test (if I dare say) I told myself I said “self” I think I can go back to a church again now that I know the truth. I’ve tried almost all of them and I can agree with Kim when he said that it’s hard to tell who’s in the zoo. I guess I’ll call myself a Roman Presbacostal Bapto-lic-Reformed! … Mike, on one of the CD’s I have (being an Innkeeper) a gal called the show Ioda was her name ( I hope I spilled it right). But she critisized you guys saying something to the affect of “Instead of critiqueing the bad preaching of todays churches why aren’t you guys just preaching”, and you said “because this isn’t a church, this is not where you come to get your food.” Well Mike I have to agree that the White Horse Inn is not a church but it’s the only place I have to get fed… thank you and your co hosts for your boldness in speaking out against today’s American heresies and pharisies, protestant Liberalists, pragmatists, palageonism, and the rest. The world needs W.H.I… I hope to meet and perhaps even study under your guidance some day at Westminster Seminary.