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Preaching the Word in a Culture of Narcissism

Our age is not known for it's love of the truth. Rather, some are calling it a culture of narcissism. And unfortunately, evidence of this is found not only in our secular culture, but in countless evangelical churches and bestselling Christian book titles. In his second letter to Timothy Paul warned that in the last days people would become lovers of themselves and would not endure sound teaching. With itching ears, he said, they'll raise up teachers to suit their own passions, and turn away from the truth. So what are we to do in such a time as this? On this program the hosts will walk through 2 Timothy chapters 3 and 4, to discuss Paul's advice about preaching the word in a culture of narcissism (originally aired 07-31-11).

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Seeing Christ in All of Scripture

What is the Bible principally about? Some say it's about life transformation, while others say it's a recipe book for achieving health, wealth and prosperity. But what if you had the chance to listen to Jesus himself explain the basic message of Scripture? Interestingly enough, this is exactly what we find in Luke chapter 24 as Jesus walks with his disciples on the road to Emmaus. On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts walk through this fascinating chapter and discuss its implications for our understanding of Scripture (originally aired 07-24-11).

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Doctrine & Life

Who is Jesus, and why should he be worshipped? Was his death merely an example of self-sacrifice, or did he actually atone for the sins of the world? These are crucial doctrinal questions, yet many Christians in our time say they are not interested in theology or doctrine, but prefer instead to focus on what Jesus can do for us in our lives today. Is it possible to be a faithful Christian without being concerned about doctrine? That's the topic on this edition of the White Horse Inn (originally aired 06-11-06).

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Consumers or Disciples?

In John chapter 6, Jesus begins to attract very large crowds. But is this necessarily a good thing? Are all the people in these crowds really disciples, or merely consumers who are looking to Jesus to solve their temporal problems? How does Jesus deal with this issue, and what are the implications of all this for our own view of ministry and discipleship (originally aired 06-26-11).

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What Would Jesus Preach?

What kind of sermon would Jesus preach if he was invited to address your local congregation? As strange as it may seem, we actually have an example of this kind of thing recorded for us in Luke chapter 4. Speaking in a Jewish synagogue, Jesus opens the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and begins to proclaim himself as the fulfillment of this ancient prophecy. On this edition of the program, the hosts walk through this amazing passage, along with the complete text from Isaiah underlying it, and discuss the implications it offers for our understanding of preaching today (originally aired 06-19-11).

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Discipleship on an Age of Mission Creep

Take a visit to your local Christian bookstore and you’re likely to find numerous books on discipleship that encourage spiritual disciplines such as journaling, solitude, silence, or fasting. You’re also likely to find books that focus on discipleship at home, or work, in financial decision making or in the area of personal relationships. But you will probably be hard-pressed to find books on becoming a disciple through learning the Christian faith in all of its dramatic and doctrinal splendor. What are the keys to effective disciple-making? That’s the focus of this edition of the White Horse Inn (originally aired 03-06-11).

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Lost Tools of Discipleship

Jesus tells his followers to “make disciples of all nations.” But what does it mean to become a disciple, and what are today’s churches doing to fulfill this mission? Is this something for new converts only, or is it also something that we all participate in and pass on to our children? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts will interact with these question (originally aired 02-27-11).

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The Strategic Plan

In the Great Commission, Jesus did not merely tell his followers to “go into all the world,” but he also gave us specific instructions for the mission of the church. He said we are to preach, baptize and make disciples. Sounds pretty simple, but are these elements high on the priority of the average Christian church? How about in your own Christian life (originally aired 02-20-11).

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Abrahamic Faiths

What is the relationship between Christianity and other “Abrahamic faith traditions?” Is Abraham really the father of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and if so, does this mean that each of these religions are legitimate ways to God? What are we to do with Abraham himself and the other Old Testament patriarchs? Since they didn’t have explicit faith in Christ, how can Jesus be the only way of salvation (originally aired 02-13-11).

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Is Faith in Christ Necessary?

According to a recent Pew study, 70% of Americans agreed with the idea that “many religions can lead to eternal life.” What’s more striking is that when this same question was put to self-identified evangelical Christians, 57% agreed. So, is this view correct or is faith in Christ the only way to heaven? That’s the focus of this edition of the White Horse Inn as the hosts continue their series through the Great Commission (originally aired 02-06-11).

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The Mission Statement

The Great Commission is both deep in its intensity (making disciples, not just converts) and wide in its extensiveness (“into all the world”). But even where it was once strongly preached and professed, the Gospel’s light seems today to be a flickering candle. How do we take the message of the gospel into all the world? On this edition of the program the hosts discuss the meaning of Christ’s mission statement in the context of today’s religious pluralism (originally aired 01-30-11).

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Exile, Exodus & Conquest

Starting with Matthew’s Gospel is like walking into the middle of a movie. We have to go back to the Old Testament in order to see the unfolding plot of which Jesus Christ is the main character. On this program the hosts will explore the themes of exile, exodus and conquest showing how they each culminate in the great announcement that Jesus Christ has been given “all authority in heaven and earth” to judge, to save, and to reign forever (originally aired 01-23-11) .

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