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An Overview of the Book of James

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October 10, 2021





Was the book of James written by one of the twelve disciples or the brother of Jesus? Are there any references to James outside the world of the New Testament? Many scholars have concluded that his epistle was likely written in the early- to mid-forties of the first century. Since James so frequently quotes and alludes to the sayings of Jesus throughout his epistle, this provides strong evidence that both he and his readers were saturated in Jesus’ teaching from a very early date. On this episode, Shane Rosenthal begins a two-part discussion of the book of James with Bob Hiller, author of Finding Christ in the Straw, A Forty-Day Devotion on the Book of James.

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If we think about everything God has done for us, everything he has washed away in the blood of Christ, how his mercy triumphs over judgment for us because he has taken the judgment on our behalf, then on what basis are you going to withhold mercy for anyone else? We become what we worship. And Christians worship a God who shows nothing but mercy and kindness and compassion towards sinners like us.

Bob Hiller


Finding Christ in the Straw, a Forty Day Devotion on the Book of James

Author: Bob Hiller

James wrote to Christians whose faith was under attack. Persecution, false teachings, and loveless actions were troubling God’s baptized people. Things have not changed much for the church in these latter days. Though Luther referred to this letter as “an epistle of straw,” James gives much wisdom to Christ’s troubled bride. These forty devotions, based on James, will both challenge and comfort you, while showing you Christ in the straw.

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Author: Richard Bauckham

Richard Bauckham explores the historical and literary contexts of the Epistle of James, discussing the significance of James as the brother of Jesus and leader of the early Jerusalem church. He gives special attention to the aphorisms which encapsulate James’ wisdom, and to the way that James’ teaching closely resembles that of Jesus.

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