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White Horse Inn: Conversational Theology

Atheism on Trial

In today’s rapidly changing culture, atheism and agnosticism appear to be on the rise. What reasons do people typically give for adopting this kind of worldview, and are these ideas reasonable? How should we respond to an unbelieving friend or family member who asks, “If God really exists, why is there so much evil and suffering in the world?” On this episode, Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with Mark Lanier, author of Atheism on Trial: A Lawyer Examines the Case for Unbelief.

Show Quote:

In matters that are obscure and far beyond our vision, even in such as we may find treated in Holy Scripture, different interpretations are sometimes possible without prejudice to the faith we have received. In such a case, we should not rush in headlong and so firmly take our stand on one side that, if further progress in the search for truth justly undermines this position, we too fall with it. That would be to battle not for the teaching of Holy Scripture but for our own, wishing its teaching to conform to ours, whereas we ought to wish ours to conform to that of Sacred Scripture.

Augustine, The Literal Meaning of Genesis