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How to Read & Apply the Old Testament

Many Christians find it difficult to understand the Old Testament. Not only is it full of obscure rituals and strange laws, but it also includes a mixture of inspiring and horrifying stories. So how are we to make sense of all these narratives, laws, and rituals? What rules are still in effect, and how should we apply them to our lives today? More importantly, since Jesus taught that all Scripture bears witness to himself (Jn. 5:39), how are we to authentically find Christ throughout the Old Testament? Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with Iain Duguid, author of Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

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We often treat the Bible as if it’s a means to an end. As if what God really meant to give us was something closer to Calvin’s Institutes. But since primitive people couldn’t handle that, he had to give them a bunch of simple stories. And now that we have finally arrived, the Bible simply becomes a kicking off point for all of our doctrinal discourse. But this is a false idea. The whole Bible is a grand narrative, not because God was writing to ancient people, but because there is something he is revealing that is best communicated through the means of an unfolding story. Doctrines can make things sound neat and tidy, but real life is more complicated. And what we see over and over throughout the history of redemption is that God is able to work his plan through all the mess and complications of life.

Iain Duguid


Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

Author: Iain Duguid

Many Christians find the Old Testament to be a difficult book and ultimately ignore large parts of it often because they simply are not sure what to do with it. Yet Iain Duguid maintains that the Old Testament is for Christians too. What is more, Christ is present throughout the Old Testament—in fact, when rightly interpreted, the whole book is about him. Duguid explores what it means to rightly see Christ in the Old Testament and looks at some specific ways the Old Testament prepares us to see and understand Christ’s ministry in the gospels.

Christ in the Old Testament: Promised, PATTERNED, and Present

Author: Douglass Van Dorn

Few subjects are as important, yet ignored or misapplied, as the one addressed in this book. Jesus Christ is the absolute center and focus of the totality of God’s word. Many people confess this belief, since Jesus himself taught it (Luke 24:27; John 5:39). Christians have done well to see this on one or two levels. Yet, truly understanding just how primary he is as an actor—even in the Old Testament—is something few have considered. In this revised and expanded edition of From the Shadows to the Savior (2015), Douglas Van Dorn helps us see the light of Christ that emerges from the dark hallways of Scriptures that so many find outdated, unintelligible, and irrelevant for today’s Church.


Edited by: Dennis Johnson

God embedded in Israel’s history events, individuals, institutions, and offices that foreshadowed Christ, his saving work, and his church. Those landmarks point the way to Jesus, who reveals the Father, reconciles us by his sacrifice, and rules us by his Word and Spirit. Dennis Johnson takes readers of the Bible on a journey of discovery through the Old and New Testaments, pointing out a network of trails in the text. These are recurring themes that link different parts of the Bible to Jesus the Christ, the fulfiller of God’s promises and redeemer of God’s people.