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The False Gospel of Fascism

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November 21, 2021


Worldview Culture



On this episode, Shane Rosenthal talks with Dr. Gene Veith about a book he wrote back in 1993 titled Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview. Recently Dr. Veith wrote an essay reflecting on the observations he had made in that volume about the rise of fascism, its philosophical and worldview assumptions, and how many of those beliefs later morphed into what we now call “post-modernism.” In fact, in his recent article, Dr. Veith observes that “much of what I predicted and warned against has come true. And even when I was wrong, I was wrong in underestimating the magnitude of the fascist revival.” What exactly is fascism, and how is this movement being revived in our own day? That is the focus of this edition of White Horse Inn.

Show Quote:

In a speech given at the outset of World War II, Dorothy Sayers told her audience that, “Something is happening to us today which has not happened for a very long time. We are waging a war of religion. Not a civil war between adherents of the same religion, but a life-and-death struggle between Christian and pagan…The people who say that this is a war of economics or of power-politics, are only dabbling about on the surface of things. Even those who say it is a war to preserve freedom and justice and faith have gone only half-way to the truth. The real question is what economics and politics are to be used for; whether freedom and justice and faith have any right to be considered at all; at bottom it is a violent and irreconcilable quarrel about the nature of God and the nature of man and the ultimate nature of the universe; it is a war of dogma.”

Dorothy Sayers, Creed or Chaos


Modern Fascism

Author: Gene Veith

This new book in the Concordia Scholarship Today Series examines how fascist views permeate modern philosophy, art, movies, and eugenics–decades after the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II. Dealing with a variety of fascist thought–from the intellectuals to the skinheads–Veith shows how the fascist’s focus on self and human will is in direct opposition to the Christian’s faith in a righteous God. 


Author: Gene Veith

This timely book demonstrates how the Christian worldview stands firm in a world dedicated to constructing its own knowledge, morality, and truth. Gene Edward Veith Jr. points out the problems with how today’s culture views humanity, God, and even reality itself. He offers hope-filled, practical ways believers can live out their faith in a secularist society as a way to recover reality, rebuild culture, and revive faith.