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The Gospel in Genesis

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May 16, 2021





In the beginning God created man in his image and likeness. What are the implications of this important truth, and how was that image twisted and distorted after the fall? What was so significant about Adam and Eve’s transgression in the first place, and how do the effects of that original sin continue to echo and reverberate throughout the rest of Scripture? Finally, how is the gospel of Christ hinted at and foreshadowed in these early chapters of Genesis? Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with Anglican theologian Justin Holcomb.

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At the heart of our salvation is the Great Exchange in which Christ gave himself over to be condemned in our place and we’re justified because of his righteousness. He was presented in our image as a guilty sinner at Golgotha, and throughout the course of our lives, we are slowly being conformed to his image (Rom. 8:29). But, we’re not conformed to his image in order to be acceptable to God. Rather, we’re declared to be spotless and pure in him, and then he grants us his Spirit who begins the life-long renewal and renovation project of repairing our shattered image.

Shane Rosenthal


The Gospel in Genesis

Authors: Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Gospel in Genesis starts with the fall of man and ends with the call of Abram as it examines portions of chapters 3-12. Along the way Lloyd-Jones talks of serpents and sin, of the Word of God and the Babel of man. But the destination of The Gospel in Genesis is clear: readers will be moved from fig leaves in the garden to faith in the gospel. Thus Lloyd-Jones preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ from the pages of Genesis. These nine sermons will snap non believers out of their apathy toward God and will embolden believers to share the only gospel that offers answers to life’s biggest questions.

God Dwells Among Us

Authors: G. K. Beale & Mitchell Kim

The temple has always been a source of rich scholarship and theological reflection, but what does it mean for the church’s ongoing mission in the world? G. K. Beale and Mitchell Kim take temple theology off the bookshelf and bring it to our modern-day life, where the church is instructed and exhorted in its purpose. From Eden to the new Jerusalem, we are God’s temple on the earth in our day, the firstfruits of the new creation. God has always desired to dwell among us; now the church must follow its missional call to extend the borders of God’s kingdom and take his presence to the ends of the earth.

Living in the Gap Between Promise & Reality

Author: Iain Duguid

God made Abraham glorious promises, but the patriarch still spent years living in a gap between their fulfillment and his day-to-day reality. We can often relate to him. Working through the Genesis account, Iain Duguid shows how Abraham, in both his faith and failure, points to Jesus and the gospel, providing an example and a profound encouragement for us today.

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