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White Horse Inn: Conversational Theology

The Messenger of the Covenant

After their exodus from Egypt, God announced to the people of Israel that he would “send an angel to guard them on the way and to bring them to the place he has prepared” (Ex. 23:20). Who was this angel, and how are the words of this passage echoed and alluded to throughout all of Scripture? What does this text, as well as others like it, end up revealing about God’s triune nature? On this program, Shane Rosenthal continues his conversation with Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn about their new book, The Angel of the Lord: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Study.

Show Quote:

If we can’t explain how Jesus appears in the Old Testament, then we don’t understand how the Bible actually works. According to Jesus’ own teaching, this should be a fundamental aspect of our faith. If you were to ask Christians today how Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament, I think most would say it’s through foreshadowing and prophecy. But that’s not the full picture. We need to understand that Jesus was not only hinted at here and there in the days of the old covenant, but that he was actually present with his people on many occasions.

Matt Foreman


The Angel of the Lord: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Study

Authors: Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn

In the early books of the Old Testament, the mysterious “Angel of the Lord” repeatedly appears—visibly, audibly, even physically—to the Patriarchs, to Moses, to the Prophets. Who is this Angel? Exploring the biblical texts, the testimony of church history, and the insights of Systematic Theology, Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn argue that the answer is beyond doubt: the Angel of the Lord is a manifestation of God the Son. Even more, they argue that this Angel appears more often than people realize, because he appears under different titles, including: the Word, the Name, the Glory, the Face, the Right Hand, even the Son.

Christ in the Old Testament: Promised, PATTERNED, and Present

Author: Doug Van Dorn

Few subjects are as important, yet ignored or misapplied, as the one addressed in this book. Jesus Christ is the absolute center and focus of the totality of God’s word. Many people confess this belief, since Jesus himself taught it (Luke 24:27; John 5:39). Christians have done well to see this on one or two levels. Yet, truly understanding just how primary he is as an actor—even in the Old Testament—is something few have considered. In this revised and expanded edition of From the Shadows to the Savior (2015), Douglas Van Dorn helps us see the light of Christ that emerges from the dark hallways of Scriptures that so many find outdated, unintelligible, and irrelevant for today’s Church.

Appearances of the Son of God: in the Old Testament

Author: John Owen

Anyone finding themselves desiring to learn more about this topic from one of the most respected of all the Puritans would do well to master the contents of this little book. We have also added dozens of quotations from Church Fathers and Reformers down to the present day showing the orthodoxy of the often denied doctrine that Christ was not merely typed and prophesied in the Old Testament, he was actually present in his person. This long-neglected treatise is a necessary back-bone holding up the perhaps longer-neglected and often misunderstood larger body of evidence demonstrating that the Second Person of the Trinity is literally present and known to the saints of the era prior to the incarnation.