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The Suffering Servant

On this program, the hosts will begin a new series that seeks to explore the Bible’s amazing prophecy from Isaiah 52 and 53. In this text, written over half a millennium before the time of Christ, Israel’s Messiah is not described as a life coach, or social transformer, but as a sacrificial lamb whose role it is to bear our sins and to credit us with his righteousness. In this new four-part series, the hosts will take a deep-dive into this remarkable prophecy and point to its fulfillment in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


“So he’s not talking about circumcision and uncircumcision in the way that Israel had normally thought about that. They should have thought about it this way all along because even in Deuteronomy 30, God says you’re going to blow it. You’re not going to be able to circumcise your own hearts but in that day, I will circumcise your hearts. They should have known that already that it’s not just a physical circumcision. It’s regeneration. It’s a new heart. But they didn’t. But that’s what he’s talking about here then when he says no uncircumcised will enter. This is a kingdom where all who are in it will no longer pollute. They will be cleansed.”

Michael Horton


“Covenant” (Biblical)

There are three key points to define Biblical covenants:

The covenants we are concerned with in Scripture are God’s covenants with his people or mankind in general.

God is the author and initiator of them.

They are divine commitments bound by oath—God’s promises or oaths to humans with seals and/or signs.

…It is worth mentioning the role that divine covenants play in Scripture. God’s purpose in history is to govern his kingdom of creation and bring forth his holy kingdom. His covenants, therefore, are the way that God administers his kingdom. …God’s covenants embody that relationship: what God has done for us, as well as our obligations to him. Hence, covenant is not a means to an end, but it is the end itself—the communion between God and his people.

(Adapted from Keele and Brown, Sacred Bond, pp. 17-18)

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