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The Given Life

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May 22, 2022


The Good Life

Sometimes the church hinders our experience of the good life by packing our schedules, heaping on burdens, or trying to be cool and relevant. But the church can also help us cultivate the good life by pointing us to a kingdom that we receive—not build. In this episode of White Horse Inn, Eric Landry, Justin Holcomb, and Bob Hiller celebrate the ordinary ministry of Word and Sacrament that leads to rest and flourishing, and they unpack how the gifts of justification and union with Christ contribute to our experience of the good life now.


“Too many churches are diagnosing the problem in an overly optimistic way: Hey, what we need is some help, right? No, we’re dead and brutalized by sin. We need a rescue. We need something way more than just some really good advice for life transformation. That’s not the problem. It’s not like I have a deflated tire. My engine’s about to fall out of my car.”

Justin Holcomb

On This Episode:

  • Eric Landry is the Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas and Chief Content Officer for Sola Media.
  • Justin Holcomb is a Senior Fellow with Sola Media’s Theo Global. He also serves as a professor and Episcopal priest. He is the author or editor of more than 20 books.
  • Bob Hiller is the Senior Pastor of Community Lutheran Church in Escondido, California. He is also the author of Finding Christ in the Straw.

Mentioned on the Show:


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