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In the second half of John chapter 21, Jesus turns to Peter three times and asks him, “Do you love me?” What’s the point he’s making, and how does it relate to events that have already transpired? How has John’s theological emphasis shifted as we’ve made the transition from the body of this narrative to the epilogue? The hosts will discuss these issues and more as they conclude the “verse-by-verse” portion of their year-long study of the Gospel of John.


Your pastor is not your life coach. He’s not your visionary. Your pastor is a postman and the postman delivers mail. And he delivers every kind of mail that the Word has given him to deliver, the good and the bad news, the law and the gospel. But the ultimate aim is the forgiveness of sins and the salvation of people and that has to be set first and foremost. It is a tragedy. This is lost in the ministry because essentially the shepherds have abandoned the sheep when they’re not fulfilling this ministry.

Chris Gordon


“Need for Apologetics”

Christians who believe but don’t know why are often insecure and comfortable only around other Christians. Defensiveness can quickly surface when challenges arise on issues of faith, morality, and truth because of a lack of information regarding the rational grounds for Christianity. At its worst this can lead to either a fortress mentality or a belligerent faith, precisely the opposite of the Great Commission Jesus gave in Matthew 28:19-20. The charge of the Christian is not to withdraw from the world and lead an insular life. Rather, we are to be engaged in the culture, to be salt and light.

The solution to this problem is for believers to become informed in doctrine, the history of their faith, philosophy, logic, and other disciplines as they relate to Christianity. They need to know the facts, arguments, and theology and understand how to employ them in a way that will effectively engage the culture. In short, the answer is Christian apologetics.

(From the Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics by Doug Powell)

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