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On this episode in our series on the Gospel of John, we find ourselves at the wedding of Cana as Jesus turns water into wine. Though some have attempted to argue that Jesus actually turned water into grape juice, the implications of this passage are unmistakably clear. So what is the point being made here in John chapter 2, and how can it be reconciled with other texts that seem to prohibit drunkenness? More importantly, what Old Testament themes are being alluded to here at this wedding, and how does this miracle end up revealing Christ’s glory?


“Jesus’ ministry is here—inaugurated with resting and feasting at a wedding banquet with this super abundant grace.”

Shane Rosenthal

“There’s also a contrast with Moses. John has already told us in Chapter 1 that the law was given through Moses—grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. And Moses’ first sign during the Exodus was to turn water into blood, a sign of judgment. Jesus’ first sign is to turn water into wine. Again, a sign of blessing, a sign of celebration.”

Sam Allberry


“A Believer’s Struggle with Sin”

1) Those people whom God according to his purpose calls into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord and regenerates by the Holy Spirit, he also sets free from the reign and slavery of sin, though in this life not entirely from the flesh and from the body of sin.

2) Hence daily sins of weakness arise, and blemishes cling to even the best works of God’s people, giving them continual cause to humble themselves before God, to flee for refuge to Christ crucified, to put the flesh to death more and more by the Spirit of supplication and by holy exercises of godliness, and to strain toward the goal of perfection, until they are so freed from this body of death and reign with the Lamb of God in Heaven.

(The Canons of Dort, The Fifth Main Point of Doctrine, Articles 1 and 2)

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