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White Horse Inn: Conversational Theology

What are the beliefs and assumptions of contemporary American spirituality? Why is it that so many people pick and choose religious beliefs based that which makes them happy, rather than by evaluating truth claims? On this special edition of the White Horse Inn recorded before a live audience in Vail, Colorado, the hosts, along with special guest Greg Koukl, discuss these questions and more as they outline the characteristics of the American Religion.

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  1. Is Reality Secular? Listen Now ›
  2. Is God a Religious Pluralist? Listen Now ›
  3. Pluralism & the American Religion Listen Now ›
  4. Do We All Worship the Same God? Listen Now ›
  5. Exploring The Doctrine of the Trinity Listen Now ›
  6. Why Should We Believe in the Trinity? Listen Now ›
  7. Creeds, Councils & Heretics Listen Now ›
  8. The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit Listen Now ›