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What Do Hindus Really Believe?

In secular West, there seems to be an increasing interest in a variety of Hindu concepts such as karma or reincarnation. But what are the consequences of these doctrines for those who live in a predominantly Hindu culture? On this program Shane Rosenthal talks with a Christian thinker who wishes to remain anonymous due to the threat of what he refers to as the rise of “militant Hinduism” in his home country.


“Hinduism has marketed itself very well as peace-loving, yoga, meditation. But there is a violent side of Hinduism. Militant Hinduism, as militant Islam, is not a new concept and we would think that this is only fringe element but unfortunately they are normal fringe because the politicians have learned how to use them for gaining political power.”



Refers to secret doctrines and practices of mysticism whereby a person may come to enlightenment or realization that he or she is of the same essence as God or the Absolute. The Greek word gnosis means knowledge, though of a particular kind, namely the knowledge of one’s own divinity, acquired not by a rational exercise of the mind but by its very opposite, by mystical altered states of consciousness that seek to silence the mind. Knowing this, one is freed from the fragmentary and illusory material and intelligible world of the Creation and liberated from moral and physical control of Yahweh, the foolish Creator.

(Adapted from Russell Chandler, Understanding the New Age, by Peter Jones, author of The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back and Spirit Wars)

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